2018-19 AAA Draft Plan Update

For nearly 40 years, The Seniors Council has been designated the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties. The AAA assesses the needs of seniors, advocates on the needs of seniors and provides leadership on issues affecting seniors.

The goal and plans for 2018-19 are now available for review. Click here to access.

A Matter of Balance 2

In addition to providing Philips Lifeline services, the Companion for Life Project also presents A Matter of Balance classes for the Seniors Council of Santa Cruz County. We would like to congratulate the class from Garfield Park Village in Santa Cruz for their participation and completion of the class this past November 9th. We are very proud of all the graduates and I know they will inspire others with their commitment and dedication just as they inspired us. Thank you, graduates!
Jennie, Ellen & Gus

A Matter of Balance

On September 22nd, 2017 the first Matter of Balance class sponsored and presented by The Seniors Council and the Companion for Life Project graduated. We were very fortunate to have Santa Cruz councilperson, Richelle Noroyan, present us with a Mayoral Proclamation for our work in helping older adults remain active and healthy in our community. Special thanks to The Seniors Council board member, Creighton Mendivil, for his appearance. It was a wonderful experience and we can't wait for the next class.
Gus Ceballos - Program Director

Falls Prevention Awareness Day 2017

We would like to thank the City of Santa Cruz and Mayor Cynthia Chase for recognizing the efforts of The Seniors Council and the Companion for Life Project on this day, September 22nd, 2017 - the 10th Annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day.
By presenting the Matter of Balance program free of charge to the community, The Seniors Council and the Companion for Life Project strive to educate older adults on how to manage falls and the proactive measures they can take to remain vital and healthy contributors to our community.
Thank you for the proclamation. It is a great honor.

Project Scout 2017 accomplishments

With the 2016-17 tax season over, Project Scout has once again proven itself an invaluable program to low-income individuals, seniors and the disabled who need free tax assistance.

This past year Project Scout has helped Santa Cruz County residents by completing over 1900 tax returns and generating more than 1.9 million dollars. This includes returns with federal earned income credits totaling $491,770 and CA earned income credits worth $15,026.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and partners that make this happen!