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CalFresh expandes to SSI recipients

Great news for the millions of older adults on SSI (Supplemental Security Income)!

The CalFresh program is being expanded to include older adults and people with disabilities currently receiving SSI benefits.

This expansion becomes effective June 1, 2019.
In Santa Cruz County, people can apply at the CalFresh Application Center, 1020 Emeline Avenue, Building B, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Phone: (888) 421-8080.

Or click here:

Thank you for helping us spread the word about this important program expansion by distributing this 
press release to your respective networks and clients.
If you have any questions, please contact:

California Department of Aging
Office of Legislation and Public Affairs
1300 National Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone: (916) 419-7502

2019 Human Race - Project Scout


Project SCOUT is once again participating in the 2019 Human Race scheduled for May 11th, 2019. This annual community event is the perfect opportunity to make a donation toward one of the many causes that benefit local individuals. As a vital program to low-income seniors, please consider making a donation to the continued future of Project SCOUT.

Human Race

Project SCOUT 2018 Accomplishments

A Successful 2018

Project SCOUT has once again proven itself an invaluable program to low-income individuals, seniors and the disabled, who need free tax assistance.

In 2018 Project SCOUT has helped Santa Cruz County residents by completing over 2,289 tax returns and generating more than $2,500,000. This includes returns with federal earned income credits totaling $697,540 and CA earned income credits worth $67,170.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and partners that make this happen!

Matter of Balance 2018 #4

On September 7th, 2018 the second Matter of Balance class presented at Mid-County Senior Center on Bay Ave in Capitola graduated.

Congratulations to all the graduates and to lead coach Jennie Santonastasi and Helena Fox for teaching a great class.

Congratulations to all once again.

Matter of Balance 2018 #3


On August 8th, 2018 the first Matter of Balance class sponsored and presented by The Seniors Council and the Companion for Life Project in the city of Capitola graduated.

We were honored to have a great partner in the Mid-County Senior Center and were floored by the enthusiasm and commitment to the program by the participants.

It was a wonderful experience and we can't wait for the next class starting in a few weeks.

Congratulations and thank you all.

Gus Ceballos - Program Director