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Aug 2017

Project Scout 2017 accomplishments

With the 2016-17 tax season over, Project Scout has once again proven itself an invaluable program to low-income individuals, seniors and the disabled who need free tax assistance.

This past year Project Scout has helped Santa Cruz County residents by completing over 1900 tax returns and generating more than 1.9 million dollars. This includes returns with federal earned income credits totaling $491,770 and CA earned income credits worth $15,026.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and partners that make this happen!

Elder Abuse

I am sad to report that earlier this week our office was informed that one of our longtime subscribers was a victim of elder abuse. She was taken advantage of by her trusted caregiver of ten years. This is a serious matter and everyone at Companion for Life is heartbroken over the event.

If you suspect any suspicious action toward an elderly acquaintance or friend do NOT hesitate to report it. You may report elder abuse with Adult Protective Services at (866) 580-HELP (4357) or (831) 454-4101 or call 911.