California Senior Legislature

The California Senior Legislature (CSL)

Established by state law, the mission of the California Senior Legislature is to help preserve and enhance the quality of life for older Californians and their families. The CSL was established in 1981. It is comprised of 40 Senior Senators and 100 Senior Assembly Members. This legislative body meets each October to discuss, debate, and vote on legislative proposals.


Santa Cruz County has both an Assemblyman, Antonio Rivas, and a Senator, Mickie Solorio Luna, appointed to represent our region in the CSL.

Local CSL members for Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties: Senior Senator: Mickie Solorio Luna and Senior Assembly member: Antonio Rivas.

Contact Information

California Senior Legislature
1020 N Street, Room 513
Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax: 916-552-8013

Looking for Assistance?

We understand that caregivers, family and seniors may be interested in which direct services are available through the Seniors Council network.