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The Companion for Life Project

Companion for Life is a non-profit program of the Seniors Council of Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties. Our goal to provide a community based, low-cost personal emergency response system (PERS) in Santa Cruz and San Benito counties. A PERS summons help when an at-risk or older individual is unable to call for help themselves due to chroni
c or acute illness and physical barriers. This type of equipment provides continuous emotional support and continued independence to older and disabled individuals living in their homes by improving their safety and a sense of well being. It also provides family and friends peace of mind.

Companion for Life is trusted by local healthcare professionals and in-home support agencies and is proud to be partnered with

Call us at
(831) 688-9217

Companion for Life offers in-home emergency buttons (with landline and without) and mobile/GPS/cellular buttons (pendant and wristband options).

Fall detection option available for an extra fee.
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Why Choose Companion For Life Instead of Another Product

Companion For Life provides the following features that no one else can match:

  • Hands-on in-home installation courtesy of our friendly & expert home installers
  • State of the art equipment manufactured by Medical Guardian
  • A sliding scale for low-income individuals; your fees go to a local non-profit organization, and help us provide discounted equipment to those who can’t afford to pay the full cost
  • Our trained staff are available for service calls as long as you’re a subscriber, unlike mail order or off-the-shelf products
  • Call us at (831) 688-9217